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Estheticians Guide: Brand Your Way To Success

Online Course For Beauty Pros

Estheticians Guide: Brand Your Way To Success

Step by step guide for Beauty Pros to start making over $10k/month by attracting their dream clients with clear branding and engaging Instagram reels.

About Merak

I Have Been Where You Are

Believe me, I learned the hard way that opening up an aesthetics practice, going to school, and being certified are not enough! You may have recently purchased some expensive aesthetic equipment, spent thousands on supplies, and committed yourself to a multi-year lease.

Many of you, like myself, have started off this way by taking the risk and hoping it pays off in the end. I in particular wasn’t so lucky at first. During my first year in business, I was struggling to pay my loans and provide myself with a salary each month.

You’re in the right place if you:

  • Discouraged investing time and energy on social media when your content does not get the engagement you think it deserves.

  • Finding it tiring to run an aesthetics practice and take care of your social media at the same time.

  • Having difficulty establishing your brand and creating an online presence.

  • Confused about how to position your brand, and market it to your desired clients.

  • Struggling to come up with engaging reel ideas.

  • Having trouble executing your vision when creating reels.

  • Overwhelmed with deciding how to film and edit your reels.

  • Not aware of how to use the Instagram algorithm to your advantage.

There is Hope

Once I realized what the Instagram algorithm wanted, a light bulb switched on in my head. I immediately began imagining my dream clients, after this I started crafting my brand, so I could position it in a way to best reach them.

My entire brand from, social media, website, logo & graphics has been tailored for my dream client. I know who they are, what they do, and what they like. Once you begin creating content that tailors to their needs, and start taking full advantage of the Instagram algorithm… you have a winning combination.

A combination that has helped me gain over 17k followers in a single month, earn a six-figure income, and opened up more doors than I can even imagine. This online course is designed to teach you how to do the same and transform your aesthetic practice.

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About Merak Beauty

Estheticians Guide: Brand Your Way To Success

We will be using the exact same step by step guide that I used to reach success

  1. Grow Your IG Organically
    We will first begin where it all starts off and the foundation of this whole course. You will tap into the “growth mentality mindset” that can transform not only your aesthetic practice but your way of life. It’s here where you will also learn the IG algorithm and how it can be hacked to your advantage. Once we have nailed this down we can begin working on the brand and positioning it to your dream client! I will teach you firsthand how to create content, film, and edit reels. So by the end of this, your dream clients will be rushing to press the Book Now button!

  2. Convert Followers Into Paying Customers
    A follower is just a follower, but let’s take it one step further and turn them into loyal paying customers. It’s here where you will learn about building brand trust so your dream client is confident that your services are the way forward. If a follower is just a follower then the content is just content, until you give your audience direction and make them take action. Learn the best way to create CTAs (Call To Action) so they get your dream client headed in the right direction. The right direction is your website or booking link. There is truly no better feeling than getting that booking notification!

  3. Use This Organic Growth To Start Earning Over $10k/month
    Now that you have all this growth and started increasing the amount of paying customers through the door we need to kick it up a notch. It’s here where I will truly transform your business when I teach you how to sell more of what sells for more. Also, promotions that make sense for your clients but also your bank balance. Lastly, the name of the game is consistency, it’s no good doing all this for 1 month, we will go over how to rinse and repeat so we’re doing this month after month!

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