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What is Microchanneling?

Discover microchanneling, the upgraded version of microneedling that tackles the same skin concerns with even better results. Unlock the benefits of our top-of-the-line Procell MicroChanneling device, which uses micro-filaments to stimulate your skin and amp up your rejuvenation process.

Experience the ultimate treatment that combines top-notch serums and aftercare products to give you the glowing, healthy skin you deserve. Say goodbye to dull, tired skin and say hello to a revitalized and radiant complexion.

How Is Microchanneling Different from Microneedling?

Gone are the days when correcting cosmetic concerns meant harsh needles tearing at your skin. Thanks to advancements in dermatological technology, two of the most popular treatments, microchanneling and microneedling use the same basic principle to improve your skin’s appearance.

However, what sets them apart is the device used during treatment. While microneedling needles can tear the skin, Procell Microchanneling filaments create consistent microchannels without causing actual damage to the skin.

This leads to less discomfort, inflammation, and downtime for patients. And if that wasn’t enough, the Livra Microchannel Delivery Solution further enhances the benefits of microchanneling by using healing elements like hyaluronic acid and Stem Cytokines. Say goodbye to the harsh, painful treatments of yesterday and embrace the future of flawless skin.

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Reduce pigmentation
  • Helps with sun damaged skin
  • Helps with uneven skin tone and texture
  • Helps with stretch marks and cellulite

Microchanneling Benefits

Single Treatment

$ 380
  • 45 Minutes Facial

Package of 3

$ 950
  • 45 Minutes Facial
  • Savings of $190
  • Glass Dome included
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Although it can take a few weeks to see the full effects, don’t be surprised if your skin starts looking fresher and more revitalized in as little as 24 hours. For bolder results, we recommend 2-3 treatments, which will help your skin create a more robust network of collagen-filled cells. And for major concerns like scarring, sagging, and wrinkles, consider six or more treatments for noticeable improvement. Let’s get glowing!

After treatment, you may have mild swelling or redness for a day. It may take up to two months for your collagen and elastin supply to increase until you see visible changes in the health and appearance of your skin. For the best results, you may want to schedule follow-up sessions every four to six weeks. Many patients receive three to six treatments to achieve their goals.

You can expect to see some immediate results after a microchanneling treatment. As soon as the procedure is complete, your skin should feel smoother and softer, with an overall more hydrated appearance.

There is little downtime with microchanneling, especially when paired with the Glass Dome. We recommend once every month, or every other month based on your skin goals.

With ProCell’s Microchannel Delivery Serum, no need to worry about any foreign or harmful substances effecting your precious skin. This serum is packed with growth factors extracted from bone marrow and suspended in hyaluronic acid, both of which are naturally-occurring in the human body. This means that your skin will receive a boost of rejuvenation without any added risks. And the best part? ProCell has been a trusted brand for over a decade, so you can rest assured that your skin is in good hands.

We recommend pairing this treatment with the Glass Dome, as it cuts down the downtime by 50%.

Yes this treatment is a safe and effective treatment that can be performed on all skin types. There is minimal risk of side effects and the most common side effect is mild redness and swelling.

Growth factors are a type of protein that are responsible for cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation. They have been shown to be beneficial in wound healing and skin rejuvenation.

If you have any underlying condition that significantly impairs your immune system, it is a good idea to avoid microchanneling. Examples include but are not limited to active radiation or chemotherapy, uncontrolled diabetes, chronic inflammatory skin disease, Accutane in the past 2 years, hemophilia or similar bleeding disorder. Also anyone with stainless steel allergies should not do this treatment. We also discourage treatments for those who are pregnant or nursing.
The number of recommended treatments greatly depend on what we are treating. For light anti-aging treatments, 1-2 treatments may be sufficient. For deeper wrinkles and acne scarring, 4-6 treatments may be required to achieve desired results. There is no limit to the number of treatments that you receive.
All areas of the body can be treated. Most common for anti-aging are the face, neck and chest. We can also treat the abdomen and thighs for stretch marks. Microchanneling is also effective for hair regrowth in some circumstances.

Results of microchanneling can last between 2-10 years, depending on your lifestyle and age. For anti-aging we do recommend yearly treaments to maintain maximum results.

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