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Oxygen RX

How does it work?

Circadia Oxygen RX works by creating a precise amount of oxygen at peak levels directly into the skin in order to reduce acne and rosacea, while giving an instant glow to the skin.

Why Does Oxygen benefit the skin?

When you apply a concentrated amount of oxygen to the skin it creates an environment where no bacteria can survive. This also means less inflammation, and where there is less inflammation there will be less acne. This is our go to facial if you have acne! However there are other benefits with applying concentrated oxygen to the skin such as treating rosacea, circulation boost, and hydration.

  • Oxygen that nullifies free radicals
  • Reduction in acne and rosacea
  • Decrease in erythema/redness
  • Increase in new blood vessels
  • Increase in skin function

Oxygen RX Benefits

Single Treatment

$ 150
  • 1 Hour, 15 Minutes Facial

Package of 3

$ 360
  • 1 Hour, 15 Minutes Facial
  • Savings of $90
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There is little downtime with the Oxygen RX treatment. We recommend once every month, or every other month based on your skin goals.
We would consider the Oxygen RX to be a generally relaxing facial, however some people may experience a warm tingling sensation that may cause slight discomfort. Rest assured this is normal and we do our best to ease the discomfort.

With any treatment or facial you will need to think about your at home skincare routine. For results to last we recommend getting the package of 3, and combining this with the at home skincare products we recommend based on your skin type.

After the Oxygen RX treatment your skin will have a more natural and brighter glow, along with a more even toned complexion. Blemishes and pores will also be decreased in size. For some people it may be common to experience some redness.

This treatment can be paired with other facials. We recommend pairing Oxygen RX with the Glass Skin Facial in order to get absolutely amazing results! You can also pair the Oxygen RX with Microdermabrasion for a more exfoliating treatment.

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