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Power of 3

Your desired client has already thought about booking with you!

But why haven’t they yet? It may be because you’re not using the power of 3 to give your clients that final push to hit that book now button!

The Power Of 3

1.  The Power of Three

Have you ever noticed that you seem to see the same ads over and over again before you finally make a purchase? There’s a reason for that! Studies have shown that people need to see an ad or piece of content at least three times before they take action on it. The same will apply when we’re trying to promote our services on Instagram!

So, if you’re trying to sell something, whether it’s a product, service, or even just an idea, make sure you’re getting your message out there three times. You can do this by running using different mediums (video, images, text), or in different formats (Reels, Stories, Posts). You should try slightly altering your messaging each time, because it might take the 3rd time to have it resonate with your desired clients. Just make sure that you stay true to your brand position and there is still cohesiveness in the different messages.

The more times people see your message, the more likely they are to take action on it. So start using the power of three today!

2.  Why Three is the Magic Number

Why is it that we need to see something three times before taking action? Well, there are a few reasons. First of all, seeing something multiple times helps us to remember it better. We are more likely to recall something if we’ve seen it multiple times as opposed to just once.

Secondly, seeing something multiple times also helps to build trust. If we see something over and over again, we start to believe that it must be true. And finally, seeing something multiple times helps us to make a decision. The more information we have about something, the easier it is to make a decision about it.

Lastly, what one person resonates with and takes action on can differ from person to person, so you want to make sure you are hitting different notes to get to the desired outcome.

So next time you’re trying to sell something, remember the power of three!

3.  How to Use the Power of Three

Now that you know why three is the magic number when it comes to selling something, how can you use this information to your advantage, and start selling more treatments? There are a few different ways:

– Use different mediums: video, images, text

– Try posting in different formats: Reels, Posts, Stories

– Switch up the messaging slightly


Once I learned about the Power of Three and started incorporating it to Merak I never looked back. I saw consistant sales growth, month after month, and the majority of those who booked were whom I considered “dream clients” that I wanated my brand to start attracting. If you start today and work on this consistantly then it will no doubt lead to higher conversions for your aesthetic practice too!

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